4 Ways to Wear An Apple Watch During a Kettlebell Workout (Safely)

Kettlebell workouts have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their ability to provide a full-body workout in a short amount of time.

These high-intensity exercises require concentration, focus, and dedication.

However, wearing an Apple Watch, WHOOP, or other smartwatch/fitness trackers during kettlebell workouts can be a challenge due to the potential risk of damaging the device or losing your workout data should you not want to risk it and take off your device.

In this article, we will explore five ways to wear an Apple Watch safely and conveniently while engaging in kettlebell exercises.

Flip the Apple Watch to the Underside of Wrist


The most common and straightforward way to wear an Apple Watch during kettlebell workouts is to flip the Apple Watch to the underside of your wrist. Ensure that the band is securely fastened to your wrist to prevent any unwanted movement. While this method is simple, it may not provide the necessary protection from impacts and potential damage that can occur during intense kettlebell exercises.


Pros Cons 
✅ Convenient ❌ No wrist support
❌ No watch protection
❌ Can be uncomfortable


Bicep Band/Upper Arm Band


Another alternative for wearing an Apple Watch during kettlebell workouts is to secure it to your upper arm using an armband. This placement keeps the device away from potential impacts and allows for a more comfortable workout experience. However, it may not provide the same level of accuracy when tracking certain metrics such as heart rate, as the upper arm placement may cause some discrepancies in readings.

Pros Cons 
✅ Keeps Apple Watch away from kettlebell ❌ Forced to switch bands
❌ Inconsistent Tracking
❌ Can be uncomfortable


Use PROTECHT Wraps (Most Recommended)


After years of noticing that Apple Watches were difficult to wear during weightlifting and kettlebell workouts, this option is by far the most recommended route to go for anyone that is trying to wear their Apple Watch while doing Kettlebell workouts. 

This wrist support not only keeps the kettlebell from clanging against your wrist, but also has a watch protection cover that can keep the watch safe and scratch free during intense kettlebell workouts. 

What people like the most about this option as well is that you don't have to detach to another band or move your watch in any way before doing your Kettlebell workout. 

With that, it means that you will get the most accurate tracking from your watch during your kettlebell workout without worrying about damaging your watch.


Pros Cons 
✅ Wrist protection/ keeps kettlebell from hitting wrists

❌ Short break in period for some users

✅ More accurate workout tracking
❌ Not encouraged for >53 lb KBs
✅ Superior watch protection


Put Apple Watch Around Ankle


While this approach might look odd to others, many weightlifters have reported that putting the Apple Watch around the ankle during weightlifting or kettlebell workouts is a way to safely workout with your Apple Watch during your workout.

However, it is discouraged as similar to the bicep band can lead to inaccurate workout tracking and as one can imagine, it does look a little silly. 

Pros Cons 
✅ Keeps Apple Watch away from kettlebell ❌ Looks ridiculous
❌ Inconsistent Tracking
❌ Can be uncomfortable




When it comes to wearing an Apple Watch during kettlebell workouts, finding a solution that balances comfort, protection, and functionality is crucial.

While there are various ways to wear an Apple Watch, PROTECHT Wraps offer the best solution for safeguarding your device during intense kettlebell exercises. With their durable construction and customized fit, PROTECHT Wraps from ensure that your Apple Watch remains safe and secure throughout your workout sessions.

Embrace the power of PROTECHT Wraps and take your Apple Watch experience to the next level while achieving your fitness goals with kettlebell workouts.

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