• We Get You

    Our products are designed by lifters who've faced the same frustrations you do. We know the importance of tracking progress and protecting your wrists during heavy workouts.

  • Smartwatch Focused

    No more compromises! Our wraps and straps integrate seamlessly with your smartwatch, ensuring you never miss a beat (or a rep).

  • Unmatched Quality

    We obsess over the details. Premium materials and expert craftsmanship translate into superior support and long-lasting durability.

  • Driven by Innovation

    We spent years perfecting our designs because we believe in creating solutions that truly elevate your workouts.

  • Commitment to Ethics

    With visits to our oversea partners, we're committed to the highest of labor ethics so you can feel good when you shop our products.

  • Here for the Long Haul

    We're not just selling products, we're building a community of lifters who demand the best. Join us on the journey to smarter, stronger lifting.

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Our founder, Steven, faced this exact problem. A fitness enthusiast and smartwatch devotee, he needed wrist support for heavy lifts but hated sacrificing that workout data. Years of searching for a solution turned up nothing. Frustrated but determined, and driven by the lifter's spirit, he decided to create what the market lacked. Our mission is simple: enable you to lift your heaviest AND track every rep.


Our mission is to empower a community of athletes where personalized fitness tracking and intelligent support drive continuous growth and achievement.

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