Best Apple Watch Screen Protector Based on Your Needs

As an Apple Watch owner, you know the importance of keeping your device in good condition. But with all the wear and tear it goes through on a daily basis, it can be tough to keep your watch looking like new. While you can get Apple Care, a minor accident in the gym or dropping it in the kitchen can lead to a huge bill that makes getting the newest edition make the most sense. 

In this post, we will discuss the best Apple Watch screen protector based on your needs and lifestyle. 

Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors

For every day life

If you're a runner, a parent, or someone who uses an Apple Watch for daily activity and notifications, chances are the sapphire glass of the Apple Watch should be resistant to most of your daily activities. 

However, it only takes one accident to have that nasty chip on your screen that makes it impossible to click the weather app. 

For these kind of Apple Watch users, the best Apple Watch screen protector is the Misxi Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

With over 144,000 positive reviews, this Apple Watch screen protector fits all Apple Watch Models and is also the highest rated Apple Watch Ultra Screen Protector as well.

For only $9.99 USD, this Apple Watch screen protector is the best quality and bang for the buck for the everyday Apple Watch wearer.

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For the outdoor enthusiast and worker

If you're constantly outside, whether you are a construction worker, an electrician, or an avid hiker, there are events that happen every day that could put your Apple Watch in harms way. 

While the Misxi case might work, chances are that you'll need to be careful of the edges of your watch and really protect your Apple Watch screen.

To provide that extra sense of security, check out the Adepoy Rugged Case.

Unlike the Misxi case, the Adepoy Rugged Case fully covers your whole Apple Watch making it the best Apple Watch screen protector for people that work with their hands or are constantly in the outdoors.

Unfortunately, the Adepoy Rugged Case does not fit the Apple Watch Ultra, but this is where the TAURI is our recommendation for the best Apple Watch Ultra screen protector.

Similar to the Adepoy case, the TAURI fully covers your Apple Watch Ultra and has a few more colors to help you protect your Apple Watch Ultra with style. 

Another popular option is a full watchband that covers the edges and protects your Apple Watch screen, while giving a consistent stylish, yet rugged look to your Apple Watch. 

We encourage those that are interested in this option, to check out the GELISHI watchband as it's our top pick for the best Apple Watch Ultra screen protector and it has options to protect all other sizes of Apple Watches.

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For the weightlifters and fitness freaks

Last, but not least, our recommendation for the best Apple Watch screen protector for weightlifters and fitness freaks. 

The gym introduces a variety of elements between quick paces, heavy weights, kettlebells moving every which way, and more. Needless to say, the gym is arguably the most susceptible place to ding or damage your Apple Watch. 

This has lead to weightlifters leaving their watch at home, missing the tracking of their workouts, or putting it around their ankle to still somehow get a pulse.

For anyone that goes to the gym and wants to protect their Apple Watch, we recommend PROTECHT Wraps

The PROTECHT Wrap + Patch is the best Apple Watch screen protector for weightlifters and it comes with a variety of benefits. 

Not only does the PROTECHT Wrap + Patch can cover your Apple Watch during even the toughest of workouts, the PROTECHT Patch is made with the highest quality of shock absorber on the market in Poron XRD Impact Foam. 

This impact foam can help protect your Apple Watch from anything that the gym environment may throw at it. 

Tested with 53 lbs of kettlebell snatches, the PROTECHT Wrap + Patch is the best Apple Watch screen protector on the market. 

But wait, there's more. With the PROTECHT Wrap, you can customize if you need wrist support to assist you on heavy overhead presses or to help assist the rehabilitation of an injured wrist. 

Done with your workout? Use the micro-fiber underside of the PROTECHT Patch to clean off your Apple Watch.

Works with all models of Apple Watch, which makes it also the best Apple Watch Ultra screen protector and can even work with the recommendations above!

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In Conclusion

To wrap it all up, even with Apple Care, replacing your Apple Watch screen can cost up to 70% of the price of the newest Apple Watch model. It's not cheap. 

Choosing one of the Apple Watch screen protectors above based on your needs and lifestyle will ensure that you get the most out of your Apple Watch.

While sometimes it's fun to have an excuse to upgrade, until Apple really makes a drastic upgrade, chances are your current Apple Watch works fine for your needs.

So protect it and enjoy the many benefits of an Apple Watch in your life, no matter the activity.

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