How To Wear Wrist Wraps With Apple Watch

If you're looking to wear wrist wraps for extra wrist support during your workouts, without having to lose your Apple Watch activity data, then you're in the right place. 

Since the birth of the Apple Watch in 2016, weightlifters everywhere have been searching how to wear wrist wraps with their Apple Watch and questioning 'should I wear my Apple Watch to the gym?'

Below are 4 of the most popular (and maybe crazy) ways weightlifters wear wrist wraps with their Apple Watch or other smartwatch/fitness trackers and the pros/cons to each.

Option 1: Slide it Up Your Wrist (Most Common)

If you already have a pair of wrist wraps or you just got an Apple Watch, the most common way weightlifters wear wrist wraps with their Apple Watch is by simply sliding it up their wrist. 

However, there are more cons to pros with this approach.

most common way to wear wrist wraps with apple watch


  • Can still fully use your Apple Watch between sets


  • Heart rate tracking is inconsistent
  • For Apple Watch users, the wraps can interfere with Siri and turn down your music.
  • Keeps your watch screen susceptible to damage.
  • Stretches out your watch band. 
  • Your forearm may be too big for your band size

Don't worry, if you're now wondering should I wear my Apple Watch to the gym?

The next option will give you hope...

Option 2: Use PROTECHT Wraps (Best Option)

For weightlifters that don't want the hassle of moving your watch, want to have peace of mind that their Apple Watch is safe during their workout, and still have amazing wrist support, then PROTECHT Wraps is the best way to wear wrist wraps with your Apple Watch. 

how to wear wrist wraps with apple watch


  • No moving your Apple Watch
  • Great wrist support
  • With PROTECHT Patch, get superior Apple Watch watch screen protection
  • Comfortable
  • Maintain full access to your watch
  • Keep your activity data flowing
  • Custom wrist wrap that conforms to wrist with use


  • Has a short break in period

Other Options

If tracking your workout isn't really your thing or you don't use your Apple Watch or smartwatch to answer texts, change songs, or time your sets, then you could always consider leaving your watch at home.  

 While this might sound crazy, some weightlifters with Apple Watches or other smartwatches will put it around their ankle during their workout to use wrist wraps with their Apple Watch.

In The End

All in all, there are many ways to wear an Apple Watch with wrist wraps and if you're asking still 'should I wear my Apple Watch to the gym?' the answer is yes. 

Realistically, your Apple Watch will be able to withstand any accidental contact to weights, machines, or handles. 

However, if you are looking for the only wrist wrap that gives you access to your Apple Watch and can protect it, then we encourage you to shop PROTECHT Wraps today.

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